Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Calling All Beer Lovers!

If you've read anything about this year's Downtown Chili Showdown you already know that it's going to be pretty freaking awesome.  There's just one last little detail we need to hammer out to ensure that it is the BEST chili cook-off ever...we need volunteers to make it all happen! 

We are seeking volunteers 18 years or older to help with the Brew Ha-Ha Blind Beer Battle that will happen at the event on Saturday, April 18.  There are several one-hour shifts for volunteer beer pourers during the Blind Beer Battles, as well as a super special all-day shift for those of who you just can't get enough! All volunteers will receive a special RSC Volunteer T-shirt and volunteers 21 years and older who volunteer for the entire day will have the opportunity to attend a special beer-themed Volunteer Reception at the end of the event! Yep, you get the chance to have a super fun time while helping the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville accomplish their mission AND there will be beer!
If you are interested in helping out just fill out our preliminary poll here letting us know your availability.  You will be contacted closer to the event with specifics, so please include your email address in the comments section of the poll.  If you have questions about volunteering at this or at any RSC events, email our Volunteer Coordinator, SuperCarl Schwarz at caschwarz83@gmail.com

We so appreciate your interest in helping to make this event a success and promise a fun filled day with delicious chili and an opportunity to enjoy a great local beer tasting!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

People's Choice: Yes, It IS a Popularity Contest

Did you know that our annual chili cook-off has two different tasting categories?  The first - Judge's Choice - is a blind taste test judged by an esteemed panel of local celebrity judges, based solely on which samples they think taste best.  The second category - People's Choice - is all about the taste...and the money.  With your $10 admission you get one vote, so place it wisely.  But, what if you want to give your favorite chili an edge?  No problem.  Since all of the money we raise goes back to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville, we are so not above giving anyone who is willing to pay for their team to have a competitive advantage in this category the opportunity to do so.   Each ten dollar donation over your initial entry fee gives you one additional vote.  You can give all of your votes to one team - or split them up amongst your favorites, but remember, the team with the most votes takes home not just the prize, but bragging rights as well!  With your donation not only are you giving your favorite chili cooks a competitive edge, you're making the difference in the lives of the hundreds of families who call RMHC a home every year!

So, Chili Cooks, it's up to you to rally your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and everyone else you know who might owe you a favor to count up their pennies and get them downtown on April 18.  Your pride is depending on them! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We LOVE Our Sponsors

Wow - the community has REALLY come together to support this year's Downtown Chili Showdown! It truly takes a village to pull this delicious day together so please, take some time to show our sponsors some love!

The Sasha Farmer Team doesn't just help families buy and sell homes across Central Virginia, as huge community supporters they help in a million other ways.  Having faithfully supported Red Shoe Cville in our efforts to build awareness about the Ronald McDonald House Charities since our inception (including having been a sponsor since our very first chili cook-off!) the Sasha Farmer Team has more than earned their highly sought after Spicy Chicken Sponsor designation. Thank you Team, we are so grateful for all of you!

Monticello Media has stepped up again to support us in a BIG way as our 2015 Media Sponsor.  In addition to great ads on all five of their stations, Hot 101.9's PJ Styles is hanging with RSC President Brooke Jenkins and local brewers for a special "What's On Tap?" video segment.  Check it out here! 

A big thanks to Presenting Sponsor  Main Street Arena, for allowing us to take over their amazing space on again on April 18, 2015!  There's no better place to house chili cooks, local breweries, an amazing special VIP seating area (stay tuned for info about this!), fun for the kids and hundreds of the most awesome people from our community raising money for the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville!   

Please join us in welcoming The Charlottesville Albemarle Airport, who is jumping in with feet first as our 2015 Habanero Sponsor! We're psyched to have them on board (no pun intended!) and are so very grateful for their generosity.  It would not be possible for us to hold this event without the kindness of our sponsors, so please help us in showing our gratitude by showing our friends at CHO some love!

Portions of the annual operating costs for Ronald McDonald Houses across the country are graciously funded by McDonald’s and owner/operators of local McDonald’s restaurants.  This makes the fact that McDonald's has stepped up as our Cayenne Sponsor for the second year even more awesome.   So, if you happen to be wondering what to do for lunch today....

We are incredibly indebted to the seven local breweries (Blue Mountain Brewery, Blue Mountain Barrel House, Devils Backbone Brewery, South Street Brewery, Star Hill Brewery, Three Notch'd Brewing Company and Wild Wolf Brewing Company) who not only immediately hopped on board when asked to be a part of our Brew Ha Ha event, but responded with "How else can we help?".  While in most situations "Bring beer!" would be our answer, it takes a little more than beer to make this event happen.  So with that in mind, we're hoping we can twist your arms just a bit to ask that you visit their establishments as a way of showing just how thankful we are!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Make a Meal, Make a Difference

When a child is receiving medical treatment for serious illness or injury, taking away the worry of "what's for dinner?" can be a wonderful relief. This is why one our favorite ways to help out at the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville (RMHC) is by volunteering for their "Meals from the Heart" program. 

Red Shoe Cville volunteers provide a meal for RMHC residents on the third Monday of each month. If you're interested in helping out check out our Sign Up Page here or contact our Volunteer Coordinator Carl Schwarz, at caschwarz83@gmail.com or 417-540-1791.  

If our regular dinner rotation doesn't work for you there are many other opportunities to give families - many of whom are through the hardest days of their lives - a little piece of mind the rest of the month. The goal at RMHC  is to have at least one prepared meal each day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, even brunch - so there are lots of chances to make someone's day a little better.  Some volunteers even come in just to bake cookies - and trust us, after a long day at the hospital, fresh baked cookies are a welcome sight and smell!

And don't fret if you're new to the process - the RMHC website provides everything you need to know about providing a meal. Plus, Carl is such a great guy that he'll even come to the house on your first evening to give you a brief orientation and make sure you're comfortable with everything.  Bon appetit!